Thursday, February 2, 2023

Netherlands VS Ecuador 1-1.


After two rounds of games, the Group A standings. Despite their inconsistent play, Netherlands are the favorites to advance to the next round with a matchup against the eliminated Qatar. The first team to be formally eliminated is the hosts.

The other game should be a nail-biter because Senegal needs to win to pass Ecuador. That’s all there is to say about this game; stay tuned for England-USA. Thank you for reading.

picture of full-time

Ecuador 1-0 Netherlands

Six seconds of extra time, which is little by World Cup standards. After yet another lackluster performance, the Dutch appear legitimately relieved to come away with a point.

With a lot of aggression and initiative, Ecuador completely outplayed the Netherlands, who had their midfield completely overrun. At least in terms of defense, Van Gaal’s club could count on Ake, who was a formidable force when it mattered.

The match was more confirmation of Tite’s claim that Ecuador are a World Cup squad to watch, even though Enner Valencia’s injury late in the match is concerning.

With Qatar still to come, the Dutch will undoubtedly advance, but given their current trajectory, it’s hard to see them advancing very far.

17:56 \s95 mins

Sarmiento, the corner taker, mishandles the return ball and it squirts out of play after Van Dijk wins the corner in the air by heading it back in the direction it originally came from.

17:55 \s94 mins

The Dutch appear to be waiting for the last siren while Ecuador has a corner. The yellow-clad spectators are jumping about in the stands.

17:54 \s93 mins

The throw-in is forfeited after Rodriguez is dispatched down the left wing, Ake charges across, and he executes a beautiful slide tackle.

17:52 There is a six-minute timeout.

90 minutes: The Dutch experience a heartbreaking moment as Rodriguez blocks Noppert’s clearance after he was too careless in handling Ake’s backpass. It flies wide fortunately for Van Gaal’s team.

17:51 \s89 mins

Ecuador takes advantage of the situation and substitutes Plata and Valencia. Ibarra and Rodriguez are on instead.

Valencia is at least able to stand up on the sidelines and make his way to the dugout.

17:50 \s88 mins

Valencia is still lying down; it might not be a cramp. Alarming for Ecuador, which depends on his drive and attention to detail.

His hands are over his eyes as he is carried away on a stretcher.

17:48 \s87 mins

Midfielder Valencia collapses on the ground, claiming cramp. Much to the chagrin of the Ecuadorian officials and players, the Dutch choose to disregard it and continue playing. Eventually, the left Dumfries cross is safely diverted into Galindez’s arms.

There might have been hints of Leeds-Villa from two years ago if they had scored. One has a suspicion that Van Gaal would not have instructed them to give ground in return.

17:46 \s85 mins

Caicedo committed a somewhat outrageous foul by lunging across Ake as the Dutch center-half was driving into the final third. Amazingly relaxed throughout, the referee decides not to flash a yellow.

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